CES 2014 Day 1 Highlights: Top 7 Stories

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  • Kenny Hart
    One other new Windows 8.2 O/S tablet to be announced at CES is from Pipo Electronics and offers the new Intel Baytrail performance processor, 64GB Memory, a 1920×1200 10-inch Display and is priced at $399 and compares to Surface Pro but much more competitively priced — this new model is expected to be available in March.Also new is a Windows 8.2 and Android hybrid tablet from Ramos Electronics, with the same high end specs as the Pipo model but offers both operating systems. Ramos partnered with Intel in October and has launched a series of premium tablets running on Intel’s latest processors. The new Ramos hybrid model is expected to be priced around $475, and offers most of the same features as the upcoming Asus Duet model but with a price tag a good $200 less. Tab l et Sp r i nt-- is one U.S.source that will carry both of these new Windows based tablets– and also features a promotions with free 4G monthly full Internet access for a tablet with 500MB of data use monthly.
  • Doug Lord
    HmmmVizio's best TV ever in 65" and 120"? I guess without a price its not quite as compelling - but just imagine 65" 4k, Dolby HDR, 10-bit color, full array local dimming with 384 zones and a 800 nit backlight - for say $3,000! That's pretty epic.Lenovo's 4k laptop with the first Nvidia 800 GPU's? Lets just pretend you will be able to run modern games with moderate settings in 4k @ 30 fps.