35 Free and Useful Windows Phone 7 Apps

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  • Aoster87
    Did I miss the "PC Remote" app? Personally that one is more useful to me than most other apps in this gallery.
  • JackMomma
    at first, i saw this and got excited, '30 apps!?!?' I thought (no sarcasm intended... I've got a WP7). Then I started thru the list and saw apps my phone either came with or that I found a long time ago... I hate to admit it, but the windows marketplace is still 99% garbage. Quite a few of the apps that won't come with the phone listed here are novelty junk someone slapped together. I love the interface, I love the simplicity... but I hate the lack of apps. Microsoft needs to get some developers motivated a bit more.
  • epdm2be
    couldn't they just port the Dalvik engine or knock together some Symbian emulator orso?

    I don't get it. All these smartphones are basicly the same ARM-cpu, 3 GPU's to choose from and all of them are OpenGL compatible, similar radios (probably with standard API's anyway, similar network configurations and stacks. Come on. I RIM can do it why can't 'the mighty Microsoft' with their millions of inhouse developpers.

    Or are flat one-color monochrome buttons and UI elements the best they can come up with :-(
  • zybch
    There are a couple of good apps there (XE / TuneIn) but the rest are 'ordinary' at best.
    There are many that more fully utilise the Metro UI (IMDB for example), some are just so damned useful that EVERYONE should have them on their phones (evernote / photobucket / dropbox) and some are just good solid apps that many people will find of interest (WorldNewsNow).
  • sykozis
    Photobucket is only useful to those that actually use photobucket....

    Of all the "apps" they listed, only 2 of them have any degree of usefulness to me....Adobe Reader and Flashlight 7..... The rest are pointless to most people. Why do I need to download a Twitter or Facebook app? I already had to remove them from the phone once. Most useful "app" I've found, was for Newegg....