Windows 7 Pre-Beta, Unveiled

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  • dextermat
    What about security, spyware, worm.... i guess microsoft didn't spend that much time n effort into those.

    Sure it look nice with all gagets and such, hopefully this version of windows will work with older pentium 4, core 2 duo, amd x2 n such, NOT like Vista. I think will have to buy a bran new computer next year, better put 1000$ side for that
  • timaahhh
    Vista is quite a bit more secure then Xp but people didn't tend to care about that much. Microsoft prolly feels talking up security is a waste of breath.
  • Anonymous
    In slide 15, it mistook an alpha for an x
  • carver_g
    It's painfully obvious that Microsoft has gone as far as it can go with the NT kernel and needs to start from scratch with something more efficient and more secure.
  • Anonymous
    even if they started from scratch it would be unsecure soon enough. super chodes
  • salsoolo
    for guys worried about security
    There is no perfect system, which cannot be hacked.
    There is no perfect hacker who can hack everything.
  • Anonymous
    the first second I see this post,I immediately noted something about Windows 7 that I don't like:

    I sure as hell hope you can turn it off!

    Having another automated MS created folder in Windows?
    Frequent folder??
    I mean, what's that?
    That's good for people who do everyday the same thing!
    The majority of the users really loathe automatic stuff in windows Vista, but seemingly MS just does not want to learn!!!

    I already dislike the 'System Volume Information' and 'RECYCLER' folder which we can't remove,
    as well as the 'Favorites' folder (which I don't use with Firefox), now they are still going on in their stupid shit automated madness?

    Even worse,libraries? Sure as hell these things get uninstalled first!!!!(provided if they can be ununstalled).. I mean, any automated stuff that will only slow down my system, is a possible program that can be affected by virusses!
    The lesser programs the better!

    MS is really the dumbest company consumer related that I know of!
    We're no longer there where the OS needs to do worthless background tasks, when a user has more knowledge then those programs ever will have!
    Who says users need another automated program in their systray to just be able to open history or frequently accessed?
    Well, in my case I'll probably make the frequent access folder read only,to prevent it becoming a heap of over 500 items!
    Shit MS!
    What's even worse is in their latest windows Vista, they create a shitload of folders you can't even access as the only user on your own PC!
    It sure as hell seems Windows 7 is heading for that same direction!

    Seemingly there still is no improvement at all with Windows 7 compared to XP!
    So far, you can stick that Windows 7 in your ASSES microsoft, and let me have XP which still is the BEST OS (appart from some of the automated shit updates you added to it).
    Really, in order for me to have a light system, you guys are giving me more and more work; instead of helping people out!
    It takes me half a day to get XP the way I want it! Vista takes about 1 day, disabling most shitload of services that in reality are not needed, and only taxing the system!
    How long will Windows 7 take for a clean install???

    The benefit of booting a program 3 seconds earlier does totally not justify a daily defrag for over 2 hours on the HD. Appart from the senseless electricity used,you're also destroying your harddrives with those shit automated tasks, background logging, etc... and to what purpose?
    Just so that the noob can have a system which will still slowly degrade over time?; HD space that still fills and fills untill it gets full of stuff we never really needed?

    I found Windows 3.1 and 3.11 the most responsive OS!
    Why don't you try to aim for 3.11 response and system resources, and XP's multithreading functionality, as well as it's hardware support?

    It seems MS has a shitload of worthless engeneers working there. They would do good by firing 30% of them,and only leave the ones that know what it is to use an OS,and that can produce a productive OS,that also is environment friendly.
    I bet only having Vista on one pc, or XP will cost you $5 on extra electricity cost every month!
    Not to even mention what a windows OS costs... (linux is free, and it sure has a lot of benefits over Vista/xp!

    MS is everything but green.I wonder how many electricity has been wasted daily worldwide running a heavy OS. If all those computers would be replaced by a light,powerfriendly Linux OS, how much tonns less CO would be in the air, and how much less companies will need to pay on electricity!

    However not all in 7 is bad!
    I like the network; that's one improvement for sure; but not enough to convince me to buy Winows 7!

    I honestly think Windows 7 needs LOTS of improvements, and unless they are releasing a lite version of it, or release a serious SP1 pack, without the whistles and the bells like aero and automated crap, I'm definately not going to buy it!
    So far 7 seems more aimed towards mini notebooks than vista, but it's still way below XP on those devices!
  • Anonymous
    Jeesh! I wish some of you guys would give it a break. As soon as it's something by Microsoft, out come the brick-bats, and the woulda, shoulda, and coulda. This is a pre-beta that...PRE. The beast ain't even close to being finished. Can't you guys, just once, comment on what is offered as opposed to what you think, feel,or believe should have been offered. All lot of people don't really care about your personal desires in software.

    OK! I've had my say...start attacking.
  • salsoolo
    Theres no perfect system which cannot be hacked.
  • ethaniel
    I'll just ask for a customized installation mode, I want to be able to choose which functions will be installed in my system. I miss that since Windows 98...
  • itadakimasu
    it's funny because they're making windows 7 mostly because of all the inept vista bashers... and those same people are going to bash 7 the same as they did vista.

    if the hardware you're using doesn't have a vista driver because it was made around the turn of the century... it's time to upgrade, not whine. That or go use windows 2000, might as well.

    or wait... switch to a mac! the learning curve should be alot easier than moving from 2000, to xp, to vista, to 7 / vista 2 (end of sarcasm)
  • Anonymous
    Microsoft needs to just develop a system that is lightweight, cheap but secure initially for $50. Then offer people packages online that they can download for $10-50 to add extra features like DirectX gaming, Office, Administrative tools, etc.
  • hannibal
    It's easy to understand those that hope for more customiseable windows and an option to have lite version of os.
    The problem is that normal mister Smith would be in trouble if you ask somemthing more comlex than his name... but yeah, why not allow more custom install to those who need it?
    Maybe they are afraid, that not all programs works as they should, if not all the machines are installed in the same way? What soes this tell about new Office programs...
    Nah, just like someone above says. It's too early to predict that we don't see that kind of options that are hoped for, but I don't hold my breath...
  • Anonymous
    I think it might be a little better than Vista, but what about compatibility?, Useability? and is there a limit to the amount of memory that it "sees"?
  • ZyxMEvEuuxcZ
    Cool more Vista crap
  • Anonymous
    Did anyone read somewhere if Windows 7 will have full support of wide colour gamut LCD monitors?
  • p05esto
    I like it, I think MS is learning here. I never did upgrade to Vista and will not, but WIN7 doesn't look too bad - so far. People in general are too hard on MS, XP is awesome and I think #7 will be as well, MS can't afford to screw up again, and they won't.
  • p05esto
    Oh, and I love the "custom install" ideas. I use nLite to slipstream serveice packs into XP and create a very lean OS install....but it's a bunch of work. It would be AMAZING if WIN7 had a custom install option that explained what all the features did, size, reasons to install etc. If eliminating the bloat made the OS run faster all the better. If MS really did a good and detailed job with this it would bring in the enthusiast crowd who want to tweak their OS for performace and specific functionality.

    Make everything modular except for the core, heck one of the install options could be the GUI, and if you skipped it you get that command prompt server core that's in Vista server or whatever it's called. Or at least opt not to install Aero and instead have a classic theme. KILL AERO.
  • descendency
    p05estoOh, and I love the "custom install" ideas. I use nLite to slipstream serveice packs into XP and create a very lean OS install....but it's a bunch of work. It would be AMAZING if WIN7 had a custom install option that explained what all the features did, size, reasons to install etc.

    This should be a feature of every windows from now until forever. If you are a user who does not need something to run, you should not have it installed, especially when that holds back performance.
  • Anonymous
    Wish list for Windows 7:
    1. Have WINDOWS track installs..if a program changes anything not in the PROGRAM'S REGISTRY KEY or the PROGRAM's Folder then I need an easy way to change it back (in addition to an easy way to delete the Program's registry keys and folder). This should be as simple as going to Add/Remove Programs and removing it and KNOWING it is all gone (Yes, even you, SecureROM!)
    Microsoft, are you tired of people complaining about security? Do your people just not think of these things?!?!?!?!
    2. If a program is writing to IT's program group or IT's registry keys, I don't need a pop up to warn me about it...I don't need to know. I'm no so much worried about a program upgrading ITSELF as I am about it changing Windows...Windows needs to know what changed Windows settings and how to change the settings back.