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Pi4 has Sensitive Robo-Fingers

Part of the fear robots instill in us, aside from the part where they turn us into human batteries, is their unfeeling, metallic deathgrip. Fraunhofer Institute (the group behind the MP3 algorithm) have created a robot that no longer shares its mechanical brethren's skull-shattering squeeze.

Dubbed the Pi4 Workerbot, its designed to be a bit more human than a typical rampaging machine. Its two arms have points of articulation that closely resembles our own. Complex optics let it know the kind of material its dealing with, and forces its limbs to apply only the right amount of pressure to keep the object in hand.

Let's just hope Fraunhofer have inserted a Robocop-like directive that automatically adjusts its grip to "cradling a kitty cat" when faced with human flesh. It's the least they could do for the sake of human survival.

[source: Physorg]