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Petra Project: Sailing On Land

With the world rapidly depleting it's major source of energy, some designers are looking towards a future where wind is king. Vasyl Sydoruk has designed a special sail system called the Petra Project that hopes to power and charge the vehicles of the future.

Taking advantage of the power of wind, the Petra Project uses a system combining the powers of electricity and wind to power land roaming vehicles that can navigate rough or smooth terrain. By using electricity gathering sails, the vehicle is able to charge itself even while it is parked, all the user has to worry about is making sure their car doesn't get blown away by the rough winds.

Since the sail is mostly used to assist the electric motor of the vehicle, if charged properly the Petra Project vehicle will hopefully be able to cruise around at a decent speed. However, as the picture indicates this vehicle may not function in crowded areas where wind is sparse but like it's ocean traveling counterparts, it'll work wonderfully along the coast.