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Penguin Eagle-Eye is Perfect for PC Gaming Snobs

As avid PC gamers ourselves, we always wonder how the console masses get to play first-person shooters properly with their dual-joystick setups. We've of course tried console-only shooters like Gears of War, but using a game controller to move, aim, and shoot at the same time always felt like making a sand castle with a bulldozer. Fast precision is practically impossible.

So why not combine the best of both worlds, and merge the relative affordability of console gaming with the control of the PC keyboard and mouse? That's the idea behind the Penguin Eagle-Eye USB HID Converter. It's basically a hub that helps USB-capable mice and keyboards interface with the PS3. The secret sauce? A macro management system that provides customization. Users can map specific controls to an equivalent keypress, mouse button press, or mouse movement.

Will Penguin's offering change the console gaming landscape, and become a must-have for competitive players? Only a full review can answer that question, and until we score a unit to review, we can only speculate regarding the worth of the $60 retail price.

Penguin Eagle-Eye USB HID Converter Helps PC Gamers Crossover to PS3