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PDAs: Toshiba + ATI + Intel

Toshiba + ATI + Intel = PDA E740

The e310 was great, and when Toshiba announced its new e740, it sounded like a dream: "Mobility and wireless communication are what it's all about. With the Intel PXA 250 Xscale processor in the Pocket PC e740, you get high performance and low consumption. The Pocket PC e740 is boosted by the Intel PAX 250 processor speed of 400 MHz and 64 MB memory. Also equipped with the new ATI graphics card" etc.

ATI then laid on some more:

"The Toshiba Pocket PC e740 is equipped with the Imageon 100, the most advanced graphics co-processor in the handheld market. It gives you the best visual experience available".

The design of the e740 is overall the same as the e310. The difference of 4 mm in thickness is because the e740 has room for two cards instead of just one - a double SD and Compact Flash slot which make it as thick as an iPAQ H3800, which only has one slot.

The message was clear: watch out, Toshiba's about!

After a month on trial, here is the verdict...