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This Handy App Gets You Refunds From Online Stores

It's the worst case online shopping scenario: After carefully applying coupon codes and waiting for the best price, you buy something, only to see it go deeper on sale the next day. Many stores will refund you within a specific time period, but that requires filling out forms and keeping on top of prices.

Surely you'd do anything to get that money back if it just wasn't so difficult. It turns out that you can have bots do it for you. Enter Paribus.

The tradeoff is that you need to give Paribus your email address and your credit card information. The company uses this to track what you buy and bug the companies you bought it from for rebates if the price changes.

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Paribus will bug 20 different merchants for you, including Amazon, Newegg, Target, Staples, Best Buy, Walmart, Gap, Sephora and J. Crew.

Of course, Paribus isn't doing this for you just to be nice. The company skims 25 percent of your reimbursement, no matter how small it is.

For me, the credit card and email information is more than I'm comfortable giving up. But if a lot of little rewards is worth the risk to you, it's time to let bots save you money.