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Pandora Ditching 40 Hour Limit for Mobile

Back in February, Pandora introduced a mobile cap limiting usage to a mere 40 hours per month. Put in place on March 1, the move impacted users listening to the service on their smartphone or tablet for more than approximately 80 minutes per day. However, it looks like Pandora has had a change of heart. CNet reports that the 40 hour monthly cap for mobile users will soon be lifted.

Come September 1, mobile listeners will once again be allowed unlimited listening on Pandora. CNet cites financial chief Michael S. Herring as saying other restrictions, such as skip limits, will be more effective than the 40-hour cap when it comes to managing listening patterns.

The company on Thursday also announced a brand new feature for its mobile apps that should cut down on wasted hours of music played while the listener is sleeping. Dubbed 'Sleep Timer,' this new feature will allow users to set a timer of 15, 30, or 60 minutes. When the time is up, the music will shut off. It's not clear if this feature is supposed to cut down on listening hours, as Pandora described it as a feature users have been asking for, but it will have that effect nonetheless. This new feature will come with new versions of the Pandora app for iOS and Android.