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Palladium-like Super Alloy Built using Nanotech

Palladium is a rare earth element that finds a lot of use, like in catalytic converters, electronics, and miniature arc reactors. While it doesn’t really cause blood poisoning, there's still a serious need to find an alternative that has all of its properties. That’s exactly what some Japanese scientists did.

Their super-alloy wasn’t created in a California mansion basement, nor in a cave, with a box of scraps. Instead, the Tokyo university research team, led by professor Hiroshi Kitagawa, combined silver and rhodium using nanotechnology. That’s big news, since those two elements don’t get along so much.

While the technique is quite expensive, it’s a breakthrough in metallurgy. Kitagawa hopes to create even more exotic combinations. Does this mean adamantium is close at hand?

[source: AFP via Physorg via Slashgear]
[photo courtesy of Palladium Coin & Bullion]