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Dr. Shuuuuuut: The Medicinal Pacifier

Knowing the perils of giving babies medicine, designer Nicolas Moussallem has come up with a pacifier concept that ensures your baby will never spit out medicine again. Babies tend to immediately recognize the awful taste of medicine and promptly spit it out. However, the Dr. Shuuuuuut pacifier eliminates the taste of medicine allowing your baby to take medicine without even noticing it.

The pacifier contains a special compartment which holds and administers medicine as the baby sucks away. All you have to do is place a capsule or tablet inside the compartment and turn the cap. From there, the capsule is burst into small parts that are slowly ingested as the baby sucks on the pacifier. Dr. Shuuuuuut breaks down the medicine so small that the baby won't be able to notice any taste. According to the designer, the name of the pacifier refers to French slang for "shhhhh."