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Gear To Help You Ditch Cable or Satellite Subscription

Apple TV

The tiny Apple TV box is the path of least resistance for many people who’d prefer not to deal with the cable company. It is very simple to use, but renting iTunes shows at 99 cents a pop can add up to real money. If, however, you’ve already bought in to the iTunes ecosystem, using the Apple TV is an easy choice to make. You can share those rentals and purchases across devices (iPad, iPhone, laptop), and onto the HDTV. It is also a one-stop shop: that means you don’t have to figure out where you can get each of your favorite shows for free. Apple does the work for you and presents each new episode about 24 hours after its air date. There’s a Netflix app, too, for watching things that have been out for a while. Of course Apple TV will find other video content sitting on your network and play it for you, but you have to be careful about your file types. Apple isn’t as egalitarian about formats as Boxee Box.

Apple TV is also the right choice for people that care about reducing living room clutter (above all else). The Apple TV really does fit in the palm of the hand. There’s no need for a bulky entertainment unit to store half a dozen set-top boxes.

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  • burnley14
    I could just be an idiot, but I didn't see where to enter the contest.
  • torque79
    boxee + NAS sounds like a really nice combination that could be set up and used by non-techies. I've never tried boxee and my hard drive capacity needs are far higher than what I could afford in a NAS so I've got an HTPC with 3 2tb hard drives in it, and I'll soon need another drive. This solution is not for a technophobe, but windows media center is hardly difficult to control with my logitech harmony remote, especially coupled with Media Browser software.
  • shoelessinsight
    I believe that this article is missing the link to enter the contest. I see the sentence, "Click here to enter our contest to win prizes...", but there is no link.

    So many devices to stream video from the internet on one's TV, and yet I still find a home theater PC the best way to go. Who cares if Hulu is a brat about streaming to TV devices? It will still stream through a standard web browser.
  • pacioli
    I'll enter! How?
  • ram1009
    FYI, the WD Hub is very flaky. The forums are full of people with problems many of which are caused by firmware upgrades. How do I know? I'm one of them. It works great when it works. You need to pay attention to what's being upgraded with each firmware upgrade. If there's nothing you need then don't upgrade.
  • superhighperf
    FYI the iogear has dropped win7 support for their wireless device. i got that from chatting with tech support.

    i have it and don't use it because they do not support in anymore :(
  • dconnors
    Hi everyone,

    Just in case you didn't see the note I left on the bottom of the first page...

    We are still doing a contest for the Boxee Box, WDTV hub and USB-to-HDMI kit, but the link won't be live until tonight or very early tomorrow. We apologize for the inconvenience. -Devin Connors, Tom's Guide]
    Devin Connors, Tom's Guide
  • dconnors
    The contest link is live! Check the first page of the article for details.
    -Devin Connors, Tom's Guide
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    the survey you requested
  • JustPlainJef
    Yes, link is live, but it doesn't go anywhere. Survey isn't found.