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Gear To Help You Ditch Cable or Satellite Subscription

iPad to HDMI/HDTV Connectors

Maybe you want to avoid using a computer, but don’t want to buy a media streaming set-top box either. If you own an iPad, you have options.

The EVOPower AV Cable is an Apple-certified device that can be used to send video to your TV screen with an iPad, iPod or iPhone. The 1.5-meter cable sends video and audio via composite to the RCA jacks in your TV. No HDMI here.

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Or, use HDMI. Apple’s own Digital AV adapter—in shiny white, naturally—will put whatever is on your iPad 2’s screen (up to 1080p for apps and photos, but only 720p for video—take that up with Apple) onto your TV’s screen using Apple’s dock connector and your computer’s HDMI port. You can also charge the iPad using the Apple dock connector that’s built in to the device, while you’ve got it connected to the TV.

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