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ROLLTOP Laptop Transforms and Rolls Out

Mobile computing may have gotten lighter and thinner, but let's face it, you'll still need a sizable workspace and screen. That's why 13 inches is the smallest most people will go for their laptops. If only you could have the portability of, a smartphone, while retaining the display size of a large notebook computer. Well, the bright, young minds at Orkin Design have not only imagined it for you, they've come up with a full-blown concept, called the ROLLTOP.

The device consists of a flexible OLED display that can adopt the form factor of a 13 inch laptop, or flatten out into a 17 inch monitor. When you're done, just wrap the Rolltop display onto the cylindrical core -- which holds the power supply and carrying strap -- and you're ready to roll out.

[source: Orkin Design]