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Tom's Guide to Online PDF File Creation

Working With PDFs Online

Working With PDFs Online


Love it or hate it, Adobe’s Portable Document File (PDF) format is everywhere.

But what happens when you want to convert a file into a PDF format and you don’t have any desktop tools (or maybe even a desktop)? No sweat.

PDF creation once was the domain of only Adobe Acrobat and desktop tools, but that’s no longer the case. It’s also no longer enough just to be able to create a PDF file, since there is also a real-use case to be made for being able to convert PDF files into other usable and editable formats.

There are a few online services that are now available to help you out. In this review, we compare online PDF services including:

In addition to being online services, they all either offer free or trial versions of their tools.

We also take a look at the online PDF services and see where they work, where they fail and how they stack up against each other overall.