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Retro Off-Road Won't Hurt the Landscape

Swedish designer Niklas Palm recently cooked up the Terrafine for Volkswagen. The concept vehicle zooms through highways and nature, featuring a retro shape reminiscent of early racing cars. Like any other eco-friendly concept, Terrafine runs on alternative energy. Its electric engine runs on batteries that are recharged through low-impact recharging stations.

Another reason why Palm thinks the Terrafine won't hurt the environment is the vehicle's adjustable height. All four wheels are mounted on independent struts that bring the car down for urban driving, and raise it up when away from the comforts of asphalt. As a project for Volkswagen, the German auto maker's logo is everywhere, from the steering wheel to the wheel hubs.

Whether the Terrafine will perform admirably off-road remains a question, since there's no working prototype of the concept as of this writing. The independent wheel arrangement promises versatility, and with no axles to break, it's likely only the wheels will hit the ground if and when this car runs for real.

But that will be little consolation for anything that gets crushed under rubber if the Terrafine concept does progress to real-life testing. Practical-minded consumers—especially those based in rainy environments—may also find the lack of a roof disturbing.

Volkswagen Terrafine