Facebook Makes VR Less Lonely with New Social Apps

Who says virtual reality is a solitary activity? Oculus VR recently announced several new apps and features designed to let you reach out and virtually touch your friends and family. Those of us that own a Samsung Gear VR can take the new multiplayer apps for a spin starting March 10. If that wasn't enough good news, the company also stated it will launch new tools for developers to create more socially-minded titles.

Social Trivia is one of several new games that's coming to the Oculus library. Similar to trivia night at your favorite bar, five people can test their knowledge. However, instead of iffy bar food and drinks, you'll be playing in a futuristic space station. Herobound: Gladiators is a multiplayer title that lets you beat up goblins and other monsters with up to four other people. Similar to multiplayer titles on other platforms, Herobound allows players to communicate via integrated voice chat. 

Oculus Social, the virtual video theater where you can watch Vimeo and Twitch with friends, is finally out of beta. In addition to your own unique avatar, you can now create private rooms for you and your guests to enjoy a night in at the virtual cinema. When the app first launched, you could choose from several backdrops for your movie night, including the moon, a modern home theater or in a miniaturized drive-in theater made for bugs.

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Oculus Video is getting some Facebook integration for a more personal video feed. Instead of watching random strangers' content, you can peruse 360-degree video from close friends and acquaintances from your Facebook feed. And if you thought this couldn't get any more Facebook, you also have the ability to like, share and react.

Last but not least, the Oculus Store has been updated to include user reviews. It's a much-needed feature that will help separate the wheat from the chaff as more apps begin to populate the store.

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