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Nvidia's Giant 4K Gaming Displays Have Shield Inside

PC gamers typically have two options when it comes to displays: small gaming monitors loaded with special features and speedy response times, or big, beautiful TVs marred by display lag. But what if you could have the best of both?

That’s the idea behind Nividia's new Big Format Gaming Displays (BFGDs), which tout high-end features such as 4K resolution, Nvidia G-Sync, High Dynamic Range and 120Hz refresh rates within a huge 65-inch screen.

The BFGDs (not to be confused with Doom's famous BFG) will be available in multiple configurations from HP, Acer and Asus, though all models will have the same key features. That includes an integrated Android TV-based Nvidia Shield, which allows you to stream popular PC games from the cloud as well as watch 4K video from services such as Netflix and YouTube.

Nvidia's giant displays even have built-in Google Assistant, allowing you to navigate all of this content using just your voice.

What makes the BFGDs special is just how much functionality is crammed into them. 4K HDR G-Sync monitors are rare enough, let alone ones that happen to be the size of a giant TV. BFGDs from HP, Acer and Asus are expected to roll out this summer; no word on pricing, but don't expect these kitchen-sink mega-monitors to be cheap.

Nvidia has also revealed some upgrades to its GeForce Experience PC app, including a new Freestyle feature that allows you to apply a variety of visual filters to your PC games in real time. The company’s GeForce Now service is now more widely available as a free beta, meaning even folks on underpowered PCs and Macs can stream games such as Injustice 2 and The Witcher 3 from the cloud.