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Extended Battery Buying Guide

Research Your Battery Buy

Aside from portability, is there any feature more important in a notebook than battery power? For many users, a notebook purchase is dependent on the machine’s ability to run for the desired amount of time on battery power. Some people know they won’t have access to an outlet while on the go while others would simply rather not deal with the hassle of cords and plugs even while in their own home or office.

Everyone uses a notebook differently. The right battery can make an otherwise lackluster notebook into a great traveling companion and can change the way you use your notebook. We recently used an HP dv4t notebook with the 12-cell extended battery, which made all the difference (you’ll see how on the following pages).

If you’ve been thinking about getting an extended battery for your notebook or have wished many times that your notebook had more juice in it after it went dead, this article will give you a better idea of the options available and what you should take into consideration when choosing an extended battery.