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Barnes & Noble Nook Software Updated

Barnes & Noble released a new software update for the company’s almost forgotten Nook eReader. The software update brings the Nook up to version 1.5 and adds a couple new features as well as the usual performance optimizations.

New features include the ability to stay in sync across multiple devices, improved organizational capabilities and improved security measures. The new stay in sync feature automatically syncs the last page read with the Nook and Nook apps – which includes Android, iOS and desktop platforms.

Version 1.5 introduces a new “My Shelves” feature that lets users organize eBooks with virtual bookshelves for easier organization of different book topics. Improved security measures that arrive with version 1.5 includes the ability to password protect the Nook when it goes into sleep mode and to prevent unauthorized purchases from the Nook.

Lastly, Barnes & Noble claims faster page turns and improved search capabilities with version 1.5, as well as other undocumented optimizations. Nook owners can grab the version 1.5 update via the built-in automatic update or manual download.

[via Barnes & Noble]

  • mayankleoboy1
    i love you spammers

    toms, how about adding a captcha after commenting?
  • gekko668
    I agree. This is getting out of hand.
  • gm0n3y
    mayankleoboy1i love you spammerstoms, how about adding a captcha after commenting?I like the idea of a captcha for any new users, say those with less than 10 posts and under 1 month old.

    Barnes & Noble released a new software update for the company’s almost forgotten Nook eReader.
    How exactly is the Nook 'almost forgotten'? Its probably second only to the Kindle in sales / market share. Unless the article means that the Kindle is so hugely dominant as to make us forget the #2. If so, its a sad day when Amazon is the only game on the block as their tyrannical ways are not something that I want to support or be a part of.
  • huron
    I actually really like the Nook and feel that it's a great e-reader. I like it better than the kindle for the fact that it can check out library books - a plus for me.

    I don't see how the color nook takes away the e-ink screened e-readers. When color e-ink emerges and is affordable, I can agree, but until then, I think they are going to stick around - better on the eyes for you know...reading...