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Symbian Lover: "Nokia is Losing Hard"

Hope you're listening Nokia: Two of your long-time fans are jumping the Symbian ship for Android, and they blame you. One should be playing with his new Nexus One by now, while the other will only continue to use Symbian for "a couple more years" until a better (preferably Android-based) service hits her home country.

Both Ricky Cadden from the U.S. and Rita El Khoury of Lebanon, as they decided to close down, still professed love Nokia and Symbian. They've simply lost their passion for the brand and mobile platform, mainly because the Finnish maker has failed to step up. The N97 (and later the N97 mini) was the straw that broke their respective backs, with both Cadden and Khoury expressing frustration over the phone's laggy software and underpowered hardware.

Cadden in fact thinks the Symbian foundation should choose another manufacturer to carry the OS' flag: "you guys need to find someone else to build your platform’s flagship devices—Nokia is actively and consistently blowing it for you." Khoury on the other hand is doubtful regarding Symbian's future: "I have now come to expect that whatever feature is still missing from Android/iOS will probably be added soon in a future firmware update. I wish I could have the same faith and certainty about Symbian."