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Internet Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Last year, to the surprise and ridicule of many, the internet was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. It lost, however, to a Chinese human rights activist by the name of Liu Xiaobo.

Considering the impact that the internet has on the world today, it's no surprise that it has been nominated once again. This year the internet received 241 nominations which beat last year's 237.

So who exactly does the nominating? Members of international parliaments, previous winners, and political science professors submit nominations but the winners are determined by the Norwegian Nobel Committee's five member panel.

The internet has received nominations from notable groups such as the Russian human rights group Memorial, the European Union, WikiLeaks and African human rights activist Sima Samar.

Since the internet itself can't be narrowed down to a single person, this type of nomination could cause a bit of controversy. However, it is undeniable that some wonderful things have happened thanks to the internet this year.

Several weeks ago the world was taken by surprise as an Egyptian dictatorship was toppled by a social media revolution. Although the internet has its share of bad, it's hard to overlook the good that has come from the internet.

The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize of 2011 will be announced later on in October and will also be given 10 million Swedish Crowns which is equivalent to $1.5 million dollars. So who will claim the prize if the internet wins?

Do you guys think the internet deserves to win? Let us know in the comments below.