Nissan Teases Smartwatch for Driving Enthusiasts

Nissan Nismo smartwatch

The smartwatch took off in the big way last week at IFA, with Samsung announcing its Galaxy Gear and Qualcomm showing off the Toq. This week, carmaker Nissan revealed its work on a smartwatch for its Nismo performance division to connect a driver to the car and will provide drivers with real-time biometric data.

Rather than deliver data from your smartphone to your wrist, the Nissan Nismo Watch will allow drivers to:

  • monitor the efficiency of their vehicle with average speed and fuel consumption readings
  • access vehicle telematics and performance data while on track
  • capture biometric data via a heart rate monitor
  • connect to the car using a smartphone app via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • receive tailored car messages from Nissan

"Wearable technology is fast becoming the next big thing and we want to take advantage of this innovative technology to make our Nismo Brand more accessible," Gareth Dunsmore, Marketing Communications General Manager, Nissan in Europe, commented. "On track, Nissan uses the latest biometric training technologies to improve the performance of our Nissan Nismo Athletes and it is this technology we want to bring to our fans to enhance their driving experience and Nismo ownership."

The Nismo Watch will use a lithium battery and will be charged by micro-USB, with a battery life of over seven days under normal usage conditions. No word on pricing or availability yet, but perhaps we'll hear more at the Frankfurt Motor Show that runs 10th – 22nd September 2013.

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  • michalt
    Meh. If I need the data while driving, it should be up on the dash or a heads up display. If its for after the track, then it should connect to my smart phone and put it there. Don't see what value add a watch brings to the table.
  • Bean007
    LoL, I thought they were just making fun of the new smartwatch trend coming up.
  • none12345
    Dumb, you don't want people staring at their wrist while driving......

    If its important data it should be projected onto the window. If its not important, then the data should only be accessible once the car is turned off, ie via a smart phone, or computer.