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Nissan Promotes Green Driving via Achievements

You know all of those pesky little achievements that are on your favorite Xbox 360 or PS3 games? Now you can receive similar rewards with eco-friendly driving thanks to Nissan's new electric car, the Leaf. The Leaf is implementing a new system with achievements and rankings to promote and encourage more green driving.

One of the key features of Nissan's latest electric creation is its seven-inch display that gives real-time information about the vehicle. The display shows information such as CO2 emissions, mileage, nearby charging stations and even daily reports that Nissan sends to its drivers. The system is called CARWINGS, but unfortunately flight isn't in its list of features. 

One of the more interesting an unexpected features of CARWINGS is its achievement integration which brilliantly promotes atmosphere-saving driving methods. According to, there are four ranks that "Leafers" may achieve ranging from bronze to platinum. CARWINGS calculates your efficiency while driving and pins you up against other Leaf drivers and ranks you based on your average energy economy.

Currently there is no word on any rewards for the most efficient Leafers other than bragging rights but we hope that Nissan considers them in the future.