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Nintendo Wii Finally Gets Expanded Storage

The Nintendo Wii finally gets a better memory.

Of all the current generations consoles, the Nintendo Wii launched without any planned mass storage solution. The internal 512 MB of memory may be fine for storing game saves, but spending any time at all shopping in the Wii Shop Channel will quickly fill up with Virtual Console games.

Today at the Games Developer Conference, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed during his keynote speech the storage solution for the Wii--the integrated SDHC slot.

Available now for download is the new SD Card Channel that essentially adds the ability for the Wii to run Channels that are stored on an SD card. As the new channel greets users, "Welcome to the SD Card Menu! Here, you can launch channels saved on SD Cards by temporarily utilizing the Wii System Memory."

With this new functionality, gamers can now store as many downloaded Wii Channels as they please thanks to the expanded storage. What’s more, the console now will recognize SDHC cards up to 32 GB--up from the previous maximum of 2 GB.

The downloadable content side of the games business is growing constantly on the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network -- but the Wii has always been left out due to storage constraints. With the new SD Card Channel, Wii owners could finally be get be getting all the DLC they’ve been yearning for.