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Nintendo Has No Plans to Ship Black Wii to U.S.

Earlier this week we posted a box shot of the black Wii as how consumers will see it when it hits Japanese store shelves on August 1 – and even the box itself looked cool.

Unfortunately, it seems that we won't be seeing such a Wii or box on our shores so soon. GameDaily contacted a Nintendo representative who says there are "no plans to have other colors of Wii in the U.S." other than what's presently offered.

While it would only make sense for Nintendo to send out different SKUs into all markets in hopes of attracting more sales, Japanese game companies have proven that certain colors stay exclusive to certain markets.

Nintendo has kept various colors of the DS inside Japan either exclusively or for an period of time before releasing it other markets – often as part of a special bundle.

Sony does the same thing with the PSP, as well as the PS3 which is available in white and silver in Japan.