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Save $12 on These Highly Anticipated Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders

Nintendo's portly plumber made a big splash at E3 easily stealing the show from both Microsoft and Sony. But now that E3 is over, it's Amazon's turn to make some headlines. The online retailer is discounting pre-orders on some of Nintendo's most anticipated E3 titles.

Each sale is available to Prime members only (you'll need to sign into your account to see the discounted price) and titles are $12 cheaper via Amazon than they are anywhere else.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Mario + Rabbids combines two of Nintendo's biggest franchises into one game. The result is a turn-based tactical game that's more XCOM than it is Mario Party. The game pits Mario and company against a crew of Rabbids gone bad. It features puzzles, hidden items, and of course plenty of combat. It's the perfect balance of slapstick comedy and refined gameplay. It will debut on August 29.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom BattleView Deal

Mario Odyssey

Mario Odyssey could be one of the Switch's biggest game debuts. Nintendo released new footage of the game which shows Mario flinging his hat onto the heads of other creatures to gain control of everything from a Goomba to a Bullet Bill. The game will debut on October 27 and you can saw $12 on your pre-order.

Super Mario OdysseyView Deal

Metroid Prime 4

Ten years after the launch of Metroid Prime 3, Nintendo announced it's developing Metroid Prime 4. Very little is known about the title, but we can't wait to see what Nintendo has in store for Samus. Considering that Nintendo's Metroid Prime 4 video, which merely shows the game's logo, has already surpassed 1.3 million views, it's clear we're not the only ones. Sadly, the game won't be out until December 2018, but Amazon has already chopped $12 off the new title.

Metroid Prime 4View Deal
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