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Nintendo Switch 3.0 Update: All the Key Features

The Nintendo Switch just got a whole lot of new features. The console's version 3.0 software is officially out, adding new tools that make it easier to find friends, keep up with your favorite games and dig those missing controllers out of the couch.

You can now add pals from your Nintendo 3DS and Wii U friend lists to your Switch friend list. You can also be notified every time your friends come online, making it easier to know when its time to hit up your buddies for some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Can't keep track of those tiny Joy-Cons? You can now fire up the new "Find Controllers" feature, which has your controllers vibrate so that it's easier to find them. Speaking of controllers, you can now use the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller via a wired USB-C connection, in case you want to play without draining the gamepad's battery.

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Other key features include the ability to adjust the system's maximum volume, change the display colors to inverted or grayscale and get suggestions on what to delete when your system's memory is full. You can also follow specific "channels" in the system's news menu, making it easier to keep up with games such as Super Mario Odyssey and Arms. If you're really excited for Splatoon 2, there are now six new user icons from the game to choose from.

While this update brings some welcome changes -- particularly the friends list improvements and Find Controllers -- the Switch is still missing some key features that fans have been asking for. There's still no word on when to expect entertainment apps like Netflix or Amazon Video, nor have we heard anything about cloud saves or better options for transferring your data.

Michael Andronico

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