Use Nintendo's DSi to Create Computer Programs

Japanese developers will be releasing a brand new DSiWare program on March 9th. The program, Petit Computer allows DSi users to create simple computer programs in the BASIC programming language.

In addition to being able to create its own fun programs, Petit Computer will also come pre-loaded with a few simple games that can be made with the program. These games include a Pac-Man type of game, a shooter game and an RPG game.

Petit Computer owners will use the DSi's touchscreen as a virtual keyboard to create and input code. Although this new DSiWare title may not be exciting for everybody, we're guessing that a handful of crafty programmers will come up with some very neat things using Petit Computer.

There's no information on price yet but after its release in Japan on March 9th, we should expect to see more info in the near future. We're also hoping to see some new innovations using the program as well.

If you could create your own DSi program, what would it be? Let us know below.

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