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Metallic Silver Nintendo DS Headed to U.S. Sept. 7

While the Nintendo game system that’s constantly been in the spotlight is the Wii, the top selling games machine from the company is the Nintendo DS handheld. Coming to North American retailers next week will be a metallic silver Nintendo DS Lite, marking what will be latest in what is becoming an untrackable product color matrix.

The metallic silver DS has already been available for more than a year outside of North America in Asian and European markets, but will finally launch stateside on September 7 at the usual retail price of $129.99.

Prior to the incoming model, the closest a North American Nintendo DS came to silver was with the Guitar Hero: On Tour bundle which featured a branded handheld with a silver lid and a matte black body.

Hollywood actress Liv Tyler will be featured in an upcoming print ad accompany the new marketing push for the color. Tyler is already the star of a Nintendo DS television commercial advertising Brain Age 2 with a black handheld (see the commercial on YouTube).