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New Pebble Watch Coming Feb 24, May Finally Get Color

Pebble, which helped pioneer the smartwatch category, has something new on the way. The company has updated its website to feature a timer that's counting down to 10 a.m. ET on Tuesday Feb. 24th.

Pebble has not said what it will be revealing, but 9to5Mac reports that a major hardware and software update will debut next week. In addition to an overall slimmer design, the new Pebble watch might get a slightly wider, e-paper-like color display. Apparently, it still won't be a touch screen, though. 

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According to the report, Pebble could also add a microphone to its new watch, as well as Nuance voice recognition software. This would allow for voice control and hands-free interaction. An improved backlight is also expected.

Pebble will also reportedly revamp its operating system. Using the team behind webOS, the new software is said to be "dramatically different." 

9to5Mac says that the new hardware will be powered by a Cortex M4 processor and feature a 6-axis gyroscope. It may cost around the same price as the Pebble Steel ($200).

Pebble's watches have attracted a fair amount users, with the company selling a million units in two years. But analysts have said that Apple ordered 5 to 6 million Apple Watches for its initial run. There's also several Android Wear-powered devices that Pebble needs to battle from the likes of Samsung, LG, and Motorola.

What Pebble has going for it is a big library of apps and watchfaces -- assuming they'll be compatible with the new hardware -- and a reputation for creating watches that are easy to use. Will the new innovations be enough? Stay tuned for all the details.

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