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The Alexa App Just Got A Big Overhaul

Amazon's Alexa app has looked the same for a long time. But on Friday, Amazon announced that its voice assistant is getting a makeover.

Credit: Amazon

(Image credit: Amazon)

The app, which previously wore a utilitarian black, dark blue, and white interface, has integrated more colors, including purple and green. The cards and buttons now have rounded corners, making the app smoother and friendlier. 

For example, the Devices tab, where users add, group, and control their smart devices, was previously a black-and-white list. Now, the landing screen lists rooms, with icons for your bulbs and plugs inside them, as well as device categories. You can control your devices by room group, as well as by category.

This isn't the only product that Amazon has recently redesigned. Amazon has recently unveiled an updated Echo Show, Echo Dot and Echo Plus that are revamped to look sleeker, more modern and friendlier.