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Networked Storage Charts - August 2006 Update

It's been a busy month!

Seems like the past month as been "NAS month" here at TomsNetworking with reviews, articles and plenty of testing behind the scenes. The result is plenty of additions to the NAS Charts for your product comparison pleasure.

Some of the added info is for products that haven't made it all the way through final review yet. But the testing is done, so we decided to not wait and have added the following to the charts:

Some of these new products, the LinkStation Pro and Maxtor Shared Storage II in particular, have surprisingly improved performance over many of the other products we've seen to date. It seems that at least some of the manufacturers are listening and working to improve NAS performance while keeping prices at a reasonable point.

We've also updated the charts with gigabit LAN data for the Buffalo TeraStation, which we missed in all the activity to get the charts up and running. And don't forget to check out the recently-reviewed Qnap TS-101 Turbo Station that has also been added in.

Finally, we've added some performance data from Bill Meade's popular Build a Cheap and Fast RAID 5 NAS and DIY NAS Smackdown articles to the charts. These articles were the direct result of the discussion in the NAS Chart Forumz and provide some insight as to whether it's really better to build or buy a NAS.

Keep the feedback coming and we hope you find the NAS Charts to be helpful!

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