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The Best Mesh Router for Less: Orbi Gets Big Discounts for Holidays

Updated Nov. 27: It looks like the price drop for the Netgear Orbi was more than just a short-term deal. Lower prices are still being offered by most major retailers, making our favorite mesh system even better.

The best mesh router out there is now even better, thanks to holiday pricing.

Normally almost $400, the Netgear Orbi is selling in a 2-pack, with the base router and one satellite unit for just $279. That's the best price we've ever seen, at more than $100 off.

The Netgear Orbi has been our favorite mesh router system for over a year, thanks to its superb performance and easy set up. If you need more Wi-Fi coverage than one router can give you, this is the easiest, fastest option out there.

Netgear OrbiView Deal

Mesh Wi-Fi uses multiple devices to provide wireless signal throughout your home by repeating the signal with one or more satellite units. But unlike a basic Wi-Fi extender, which acts as a simple repeater, and needs its own network info or special permissions, a mesh system makes transitioning from one device to another seamless. And since each unit shares data with the others, they offer substantially improved performance, without the bottlenecks that a standard signal booster will introduce.

The Orbi is better than most mesh routers, thanks to a combination of superior data management, great wireless range, and excellent speeds. Plus, it's easy to expand, with individual units setting up in moments to provide coverage to new parts of a home or even out in the yard.

It's all managed through a simple mobile app or through the browser, and Orbi even offers extra protection for kids, using the popular Circle with Disney parental control app. This app allows parents to set up profiles for each member of the family, complete with age-appropriate content filtering, time-limits for online use, and curfew settings to cut off connectivity when it’s time to be done for the night.

All together, it's our favorite because it's the best, and the prices we're seeing now are the best that have ever been offered for a starter 2-pack. Jump on this deal now for over $100 in savings.

Brian Westover
Brian Westover is an Editor at Tom's Guide, covering everything from TVs to the latest PCs. Prior to joining Tom's Guide, he wrote for TopTenReviews and PCMag.