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Netgear Undercuts Nest Cam with Week's Free Storage

Networking-device maker today (Nov. 16) introduced the Arlo Q, a stand-alone security camera that's designed to compete head-to-head with the Nest Cam — and adds a week's worth of free cloud video storage to sweeten the pot.

Credit: Netgear

(Image credit: Netgear)

The $199 Arlo Q, which will go on sale in the United States in December, features 1080p video, an intercom function, a magnetic base, an adjustable wall mount and user-defined motion zones, all of which the Nest Cam also offers.

But the Arlo Q adds a geofencing component, which turns recording off or on depending on whether the user is home, and integration with the IFTTT ("if this, then that") Web-based device-chaining service.

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Best of all, the Arlo Q lets users review the entire past week's worth of recorded video, for free. The Canary camera lets you look back at only the past two days for free; Nest charges you $10 per month to look at any cloud-stored footage.

Netgear branched into security cameras last year with the original Arlo, an attractive bulb-shaped device that worked well both indoors and outdoors.

But the original Arlo, which we gave a 7/10 rating, has a few drawbacks. It runs on batteries, not ideal for a Wi-Fi-connected device; it doesn't record or play audio; and it needs a base station to operate.

By comparison, the Arlo Q draws AC power from a wall plug and needs no intermediary device to connect to Wi-Fi networks. It isn't waterproof, but it can be used with the original Arlo base station and other Arlo cameras to create a full-home, multi-camera wireless security system.