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Netflix's Redesigned Website Makes Browsing Titles Easier

Netflix has become a streaming giant, and now has a visually-rich, streamlined web interface to match.Yesterday, the streaming giant revealed a major website upgrade that is designed around the fact that more users are watching movies and TV shows on mobile and tablet devices today. It’s a redesign four years in the making. 

“With the new Netflix website, we’ve created a richer, more visual experience, and a website that works more like an app and less like a series of linked web pages,” Cameron Johnson, Director of Product Innovation, wrote in a blog post yesterday.

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The company has said that most users do not order mail-in DVDs anymore, but stream content directly from the site. Its designers have set out to make browsing titles easier, whether you use a mouse, trackpad, or touch screen.

Before, when you clicked on a movie or TV show title, the content would immediately start to play or you could hover over the title and it would take you to a full description page. Now, when you hover on a title, a slideshow of images from the movie or show appears. Netflix hopes that the slideshow will give users a better feel for what the show is about instead of just a description. 

And when you click on a title, an inline description page appears within the same webpage. From there, you can browse episodes, read reviews, and find similar shows under “More Like This.”

If, for instance, you are considering watching Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but then decided to go for a more gritty drama, you can go to the description page for Orange is the New Black without having to exit to the Netflix homepage.  

The new UI might take up to two weeks to reach all Netflix members worldwide. If you are using an older version of your browser you might be prompted to upgrade it in order to use the redesigned website.

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