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Netflix Will Tell You What TVs Are Best for Streaming

Netflix's Greg Peters hearts OLED.

Netflix's Greg Peters hearts OLED.

Is your TV good enough for Netflix streaming? You'll find out later when the streaming giant starts up its certification program for TVs — especially focused at high-end video features including 4K and high dynamic range. Netflix's chief of streaming and partnerships, Greg Peters, announced the program at LG's press conference at CES 2015 today. It's not just about ultra-videophile aspects, though, with Peters saying that Netflix-recommended TVs will be those that provide the best ease of use, too.

HDR-enhanced videos will begin streaming to LG TVs in June, Peters announced. HDR has been a big focus for TV makers and content providers at this CES - along with a wider range of colors based on the so-called DCI color space that moviemakers use. Based on comparisons we've seen here, DCI blows away the color on TVs and the disc, broadcast and streaming video we've been watching on them. 

Netflix is far from alone. It's one of a giant consortium of hardware makers and content providers called the UHD alliance, which was just announced today at CES.

After centuries - finally a TV worthy of Marco Polo.

After centuries - finally a TV worthy of Marco Polo.

Peters especially heaped praise on LG's OLED TVs - in part because OLED's ability to produce extreme contrast, including the true black that no other device can do. Saying he'd recently watched Netflix's miniseries Marco Polo on an LEG OLED, Peters gushed, "This is how Netflix originals should be watched." 

Who'd have thought an Internet streaming service would be making ultimate video quality its selling point. If Netflix pulls it off, those video snobs who won't watch anything less than Blu-ray (which doesn't do 4K, UHD or DCI color) may have to reevaluate their watching.

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