Netflix Debuts New TV Experience

Yesterday (Nov. 13), Netflix announced that it has begun rolling out a new design for its streaming service on Smart TVs and Blu-ray players, set top boxes such as Roku, and on game consoles, including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

In the works for more than a year and a half, according to the blog post, the new design is more vibrant visually and features large images of TV show episodes and films that befits a television experience, the company says. Even search will be more visual with larger images and more details about aspects of shows and movies, such as about actors and directors.

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Introducing: A Brand New Netflix Experience On TVs

In addition, if you tie your Netflix to your Facebook account, the service will provide video recommendations based on what your friends have watched. (You can choose not to share this information with Facebook and Netflix.)

The “Kids” interface also get a redesign, so that parents can tell from a distance that their children are using the appropriate area of Netflix at a glance. Some devices will be getting the “Kids” mode for the first time.

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  • ssdpro
    Great... can I have the proper frame rate now on my Sony TV? When I hook up my PS3 Netflix looks great. If I use the TV's own Netflix it is ultra smooth and bizarre looking. No Motionflow, cinemotion etc setting will fix it.
  • timaahhh
    Please netflix make Netflix NFL package + Netflix NCAA basketball package. The cable companies would go bankrupt.
  • deftonian
    I'm still waiting for the mobile app to update so I can manage my DVD queue on the go. But yeah, the new design looks nice above.