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You Can Now Voice Control Robot Vacs with Alexa

Ever wanted to have your robot vacuum clean your apartment, but were just too lazy to walk across the room to turn it on? Well good news for you: Neato just announced that its top-end robot vacuum, the Botvac Connected, will work with Amazon's voice assistant Alexa. Now, all you have to do is say "Alexa, ask Neato to clean my house," and the vacuum will get to work.

Available today to US and UK customers, Neato owners will not have to update the Botvac Connected's firmware, but they will have to enable the skill in the Amazon Alexa app.

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At launch, the commands you can give to the Botvac Connected are limited to start, stop, pause, and resume cleaning (there's a variety of ways to speak each command), but Neato hopes to roll out additional commands—such as scheduling a cleaning—in the near future. Also, Alexa control will only work with the Botvac Connected, but Neato hopes to roll out this feature to other robot vacuums in the future.

Neato is also launching a promotion where US consumers who purchase the Botvac Connected on Amazon will also receive the Echo Dot ($49) for free. The deal starts on Black Friday and runs through Dec. 23.

At $629, the Botvac Connected isn't cheap, but getting a free Echo Dot as part of the deal helps lessen the sting a bit.