NASA Pitches Space Communications Game for Web, iOS

"NetworKing" enables the player to build increasingly complex network communications that coordinate client satellites conducting scientific missions.

The goal for the player is to build a system similar to NASA's Deep Space Network to support spacecraft missions, upgrade the infrastructure to increase its capacity and support more complex clients, including the International Space Station and NASA's Hubble and Kepler space telescopes.

There are also several unlockable missions that visualize how the networks work.

NASA is offering NetworKing as app downloads for the iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store as well as a browser-based game for Mac and PC. To run the game in a browser windows, players need to install the Unity browser engine.

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  • shin0bi272
    So this is what NASA is doing with our billions of dollars now that they arent going into space? Game development?
  • mi1ez
    No Android?
  • thecolorblue
    clever actually... you never know which gamer will come up with an ingenious idea on how to improve the system and gaming has a history of being useful for science...

    I recall a story about a game where teams were competing to optimally fold a protein structure and the gamers solved the structure waaaaayyyyyy before any of the scientists could. So if this is done correctly and made fun enough it may be a useful tool.

    That being said... shame on both the Democrats AND the Republicans for eviscerating NASA.