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Napflix's Dull Videos Will Put Any Insomniac to Sleep

I had a rough time sleeping last night, and really could have used, a new website that provides relief to insomniacs like me. The site curates and organizes the most boring and relaxing videos on YouTube in an easy-to-browse interface that looks like a green-tinted, low-rent Netflix, including a sleep timer.

Image: / Shutterstock

Image: / Shutterstock

Napflix starts with a carousel of options, including The Apple Farm, Flight Simulator and Traditional Latin Mass, but you can browse by topic if you fear those options might be too stimulating. There's also a "New Content" tab for the latest in dull. Napflix's categories include sports, documentaries, music, education, video games, "daily," "relax," religion and advertising, so you can pick whatever interests you the least.

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While I didn't test Napflix under the most dire sleep deprivation, watching its Aquarium Fish Tank video made me need to finish my coffee more quickly than I normally do. The Documental (sic) section might have done the trick and sent me off to slumber, with videos such as Koala Slow Life and Life of Panda. If your brain gets excited by cute, tired animals, might I suggest Einstein For the Masses?

After you start one of these videos, I suggest you click the clock icon at the top right corner, as it gives you sleep-timer options of 10, 20 and 30 minutes. This way, your screen slowly fades to black while you're watching, so you don't wake up with a face full of glare.

If you're worried that falling asleep in front of a screen might be terrible for your sleep cycles, check to see if your laptop, phone or tablet includes a blue-light filter setting, such as iOS's Night Shift, which some believe enables better sleep. If you don't have that option, check out f.lux, a system utility for PCs and Macs that filters out blue lights for a warmer range of colors.