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Power Armor for your 360 Controller

The first time you see the N-Control Avenger, you'd probably tell yourself, "has the Borg assimilated my Xbox 360?" or "what happened to all the buttons?!" This clip-on accessory for the Xbox 360 controller is, to say the least, visually confounding.

Yet allegedly, there is a method to all the madness. The N-Control Avenger was initially developed to prevent repetitive stress injuries caused by having to work the right analog stick and face buttons. The strange, mandible-looking armatures transfer the action of the face buttons to your index finger, leaving your thumb to work the camera movements exclusively.

Additionally, the Avenger minimizes the pressure needed to work the left and right triggers. You can even adjust it to your own preferences. Sounds like it can definitely improve FPS gaming, although the testimonial video can make one doubtful about the validity of the product's claims. I mean, really? A disabled kid jumping up to a 100% kill rate?

[source: Avenger Controller via Joystiq]