Man Uses Droid to Fight Speeding Ticket, Wins

Google once again saves the day thanks to the MyTracks app for Android phones. From the product page:

"My Tracks is an application for your AndroidTM phone that enables you to record GPS tracks and view live statistics – such as time, speed, distance, and elevation – while hiking, biking, running or participating in other outdoor activities. Once recorded, you can share your tracks, upload them to Google Spreadsheets and visualize them on Google My Maps."

Sahas Katta of California was accused of driving over 40 mph in a 25 mph zone. Although he was patient and compliant with the officer, Katta thought that it was a little strange so he decided to bust out his Droid and check his MyTracks app to figure out his speed at the time of the stop. To his surprise he found that his vehicle never exceeded 26 mph.

After taking his evidence to the court in Yolo County, California, Katta presented the judge with his cellphone and cross examined the officer on his radar training and calibration. Although the judge wasn't completely swayed by the cell phone evidence, he certainly wasn't impressed with the police officer's evidence and therefore dismissed the case.

According to Cnet, a similar case occurred in Ohio where one man attempted to prove with his GPS records that he didn't exceed the 65 mph maximum speed limit after being accused of driving at 84 mph.

Unfortunately for him, the court ruled that there wasn't enough technical evidence on how Verizon's GPS tracking system works and the defendant still had to pay. Either California is a little more accepting of modern technology, or it's a lot harder to get out of a 84 mph ticket. In any case, if you have an Android device and are constantly checking your rear view mirror for cops, give MyTracks a shot.

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