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More Details on id's iOS Game Mutant Bash TV

Earlier this month we learned new details about the id Tech 5-based iOS shooter coming from id Software.

Some originally thought that id Software would be porting the entire Rage game to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, but the truth is that the handheld device would only be getting a "mini game" of sorts. Thankfully, pricing will be mini too, with the standard resolution version going for $0.99 and the Retina Display and iPad one going for $1.99.

The game will be called Mutant Bash TV, and Touch Arcade was lucky enough to go hands-on for the first level of this portable pocket game. Like Doom Resurrection, it's an on-rails shooter that leaves movement up to the game so that the gamer can concentrate on the shooting aspect. While this will upset those who like to roam freely, this is the route that id Software decided to take once again.

Touch Arcade says that Mutant Bash TV is very fast-paced even without having to control movement. The player must control aiming, firing, dodging, firing and weapon selection.

The level design is very much of an indoor setting in a post-apocalyptic world. The preview was done on a fourth-generation iPod touch with the Retina Display resolution of 960x640, which ran the game with a very smooth frame rate.

Check out the full details and more screenshots at Touch Arcade.