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Mustek's H140 PVR Delivers Modest Quality and Features

Transferring Files: Two Lessons Learned, Continued

Fortunately, we found a way to bypass the USB jungle. We saved sound files and did conversions to an SD card in a memory card reader attached to our PC. Then when we plugged the card into the H140 we were able to access and run files on the card just as on the hard drive. We were also able to copy or move the files from the SD card to the hard drive using the device's Windows-Explorer-like interface. The Mustek manual should spend time on this approach and far less time on USB connectivity.

The only problem we can foresee is that most people aren't going to be willing to spend as much as the they did for the H140 itself to get an SD card with the memory capacity they'd need to transfer large ASF video conversions to the device.


Here are our ratings of the Mustek H140 PVR.

Audio quality4/5 (with quality headphones)
Video quality3/5
Earbud sound quality2.5/5

Mustek's H140 personal video recorder can do a lot of things, including recording and playing videos and music. Befitting its relatively low price, the H140 isn't the absolutely super best PVR out there. However, if you're looking to get into the PVR game and find out what it's all about, we suggest you consider the H140. If you're beyond entry level, then you should consider the somewhat more expensive Archos AV500, which we will look at next week. It is, according to reviewer Stéphanie Chaptal, one of the best PVRs around.