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Mustek's H140 PVR Delivers Modest Quality and Features

Features, Continued

Here's a rundown of the buttons, connectors and what not on the Mustek H140 PVR. The front of the unit includes, from top to bottom, right side: power button (also toggles display off and on), mode button (selects main menu options and returns to main menu when doing various tasks), 4-way joystick, play/OK button (also selects any menu or submenu item chosen with the joystick), and menu/info button (brings up menus inside a particular application, for example to set the quality of a video recording). Across the top in the middle, from left to right, are the microphone (for voice memos), the power on LED and the charging LED.

Mustek H140 PVR front

The right side of the H140 features the SD memory card slot, power in jack, AV in/out jack, USB 2.0 connector and earphone jack.

Mustek H140 PVR right side

Finally, the left side is where you will find the volume/record button, device lock/unlock switch and reset button.

Mustek H140 PVR left side