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German Scientists Use MRI to Visualize Birth

Advances in medical imaging techniques have given us greater insight into the development of the human body, starting from the first few months. One thing we haven't really put under the microscope, so to speak, is the actual moment of birth. Now German doctors are turning to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to give us further insight into this momentous occasion.

Charité Hospital in Berlin recently built an MRI scanner that can accommodate a pregnant woman. They've already used the open MRI to take first-of-their-kind pictures of a woman giving birth, and doctors report that the procedure went without a hitch.

Aside from allowing the study of a baby's movement through the birth canal in greater detail, doctors hope to understand why 15 percent of births don't progress properly through the birth canal, requiring an expensive Cesarean section.

[source: The Local via MedGadget]