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Personalize Your Web With Mozilla's 'Home Dash'

Called 'Home Dash', this Firefox add-on aims to take browsing into a more personalized and search-free direction. Home Dash completely removes your standard web browser interface such as the search bar, tabs, bookmarks bar, and replaces them with a shiny Firefox logo.

Clicking the logo brings fourth a customizable dashboard where your 24 most-visited web sites can be found. Home Dash is similar to Chrome's most visited thumbnails but has a few awesome differences. The idea behind Home Dash is to depart from the conventional search-based browsing into a new 'browse-based' browsing.

Current web browsers are referred to as recall-based in that much of the browsing is done through the recall of different URLs and websites. It is up to users to remember the URLs to their favorite websites (or bookmark them accordingly). On the other hand, a browse-based browser works on recognition by presenting you with the thumbnails of your most frequently visited websites. This eliminates the need to type in URLs or browse through bookmarks and instead takes you straight to where you want to go.

One of the features that sets Home Dash apart from Chrome's most visited pages is that when you mouse over a thumbnail in Home Dash, the actual page loads in the background to give you sort of a preview. Depending on how you use the internet and your browser, Home Dash may not be the most useful tool, but for those who typically visit the same websites over and over, Home Dash may prove to be quite a convenience.

If you'd like to check it out yourself, head on over here. Mozilla also provided a post giving you some tips and tricks for the use of Home Dash. You can read it here.

  • cookoy
    works with FF4 only, not available to 3.6.13. back to Opera and Chrome again.
  • zerapio
    My n most visited pages are always open in the browser. Why close/reopen the same tabs over and over?
  • nikorr
    What happens when u have open over 300 tabs?
  • burnley14
    nikorrWhat happens when u have open over 300 tabs?
    What in the world could be the reason for that? Just to say you did it? There's no way that's a productive solution.
  • seboj
    burnley14What in the world could be the reason for that? Just to say you did it? There's no way that's a productive solution.
    He never claimed it was productive.
  • Transsive
    Bookmark, assign a keyword (a letter), ..., profit
  • mayankleoboy1
    take that, IE9
  • Reminds me of fast dial add on....
    Nothing really innovative.
  • swamprat
    That doesn't appeal to me. Bookmarks are quite straightforward and clear for things I don't use every session, most other things open straight up. My wife just uses the address bar dropdowns to get where she wants for recently used things, I imagine that can show a decent number of sites without much faffing with pictures or whatnot.

    As long as it's inclusion doesn't slow things down, make the thing take even longer to load (just in case that wasn't included in my previous condition) or stop me using the standard old ways, I approve wholeheartedly of them adding options.
  • AGPC
    Like i said before; I HATE FIREFOX