Movie Theater Video for the Masses

Other Uses Of A Video Projector

Watching movies is only one of the many uses of a video projector. To complete our tests, we also decided to connect our projectors to see how they accommodated the Xbox game console and a PC.

Test Configuration

Hardware used

Source: Philips 963 SA DVD player using the YUV and S-Video outputs
16/9 matte white screen, 2.5-meter (98") diagonal


Natural colors
DCDi off, True Life off, all adjustments set at 0

Projection distance: 9.8 ft. (three meters)
Viewing distance: 11 ft. (3.4 meters)

Test PC configuration

SilverStone case, 2.8 GHz P4, NVIDIA GeForce FX5700 graphics card with DVI output, 512 MB HD, Windows XP Pro and Win DVD version 6.

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