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Modern Warfare 2 Censored in Russia

Those of you who have spent time going through the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign (or have been following the news of it) will know about the controversial "No Russian" airport mission.

According to a translation of a Russian report, Modern Warfare 2 in its current form is banned in Russia. Those in power have found the "No Russian" level to be objectionable in its portrayal of Russia's armed forces, who in the game invade and attack WashingtonD.C.

The report says that a censored version without the level is now pending approval from the Russian government.

UPDATE: Activision Blizzard has commented on the matter, clarifying that there was no ban or recall as the game ships in Russia censored.

"Other countries have formal ratings boards that we regularly work with. However, Russia does not have a formal ratings entity. As a result, we chose to block the scene after seeking the advice of local counsel," the company told Eurogamer in a statement. "Reports that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been banned in Russia are erroneous.  Activision only released a PC version of the game in Russia which went on sale on Tuesday, 10th November."